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Payroll & payroll-related services

Handle payroll complexity with ease and prevent errors and penalties– so you can focus on profits.

Payroll Processing

Our comprehensive payroll services take care of the details for you, including online access to a secure client portal, secure check printing and delivery, direct deposit when available, employee vacation, sick, and personal day accrual reports, new hire reports, and access to our responsive staff.

Payroll tax processing

Contempo HCM provides a disciplined budgeting and cash management tool for your business. Your payroll tax liabilities can be automatically deducted and paid on your behalf to the appropriate agencies. Contempo HCM will prepare, sign, and automatically file all required payroll tax returns.


Contempo HCM provides wage garnishment services for clients. We eliminate the potential costs of non-compliance, including fines, penalties, and responsibility for making the payments on behalf of the employee.

QuickBooks General Ledger Interface

Contempo HCM will handle all of the custom mapping and software maintenance from our offices. This means easy, trouble-free GL updates for you. Contempo HCM GL Interface Services can eliminate hours of tedious and error-prone data entry each payday!

Nonprofit Organizations

The IRS uses very specific revenue and expense classifications to determine if your organization will retain its tax-exempt status. So, it’s imperative that you build your payroll solution around the appropriate expense classifications. Let us help!


Time and attendance services

Manage all your time-tracking with no hassle, in one place.

Time and attendance services

If you’re using a third-party solution to manage your time and attendance, you need to see the difference we can make. Our solution means no more exporting, importing, or duplicate data entry. All of your time-tracking needs are managed in one place.


Human Resource services

Ensure your business complies with federal and state laws and regulations.

Integrated HRIS

Today’s employers need fast and accurate employee information. Contempo HCM’s integrated Human Resource Information System provides a real-time integrated system for employee data. Add your employee data once and it automatically updates in your HRIS.

Employee Documentation and E-Verify Service

Businesses must be certain their employees are legally eligible to be employed in the United States. In fact, many states require the use of E-Verify to comply with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Homeland Security. Contempo HCM can help with our E-Verify services! We go beyond simple I-9 verification and provide full U.S. E-Verify services that can protect your business if you are audited by DHS.

Employee Case Management

We can help with your disciplinary, pre-termination and problem employee issues. Let our experienced Human Resources professionals guide you through the myriad of employment pitfalls and regulations.


Helping businesses like yours thoughout the US run more smoothly!

Payroll is done in a snap and I have assurance everything will be done correctly. We even uncovered 3 years worth of mistakes with the State and IRS. Contempo HCM helped us resolve years of missing or incorrect returns. They are always responsive to emails and will pick up the phone to guide you through anything.
Chris L
I did a lot of research on payroll companies after a bad experience. Contempo came out as #1 on my pick list. So glad that I chose Contempo HCM!! Very professional and helpful. I know that I can depend on them to take care of my business and employees!
Jane Brett
When I call with a question they are always able to help me and I don’t have to wait on hold to be transferred to another department. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. They help make getting payroll out easy with everything online. They have simplified how to use it and are continually upgrading their system.
Caroleen Young

About us

About Contempo HCM

Contempo HCM provides payroll and human capital management solutions to meet the workforce management needs of business owners throughout the US. Work with Contempo HCM and outsource the risks associated with keeping up with the changing payroll and workforce management environment. We’ll help you:

  • Reduce your HR compliance risks,
  • Mitigate the need for disparate solutions by delivering a customized configurable end-to-end experience,
  • Eliminate paper processes and drive down the cost and complexity of managing a workforce,
  • Use real-time data and immediate access to information for better decision-making,
  • Improve employer-employee relationships by providing a highly intuitive and accessible solution for all parties.

Our goal is to enable you to pursue your company objectives and focus on building your business.

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Grace Hall
Ashley Payne
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Autumn Ramsey


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions that come up often.

Will I have a dedicated service representative?


All Contempo clients have a dedicated Client Support Specialist. This service professional adapts to you and your business. Our goal is to provide an outsourced solution with personalized service.

My national vendor wants me to text, chat or email when I encounter issues. When calling them, I experience a phone tree. Can I talk to a real person with Contempo?


Our office is always available to receive your telephone call. We have a live receptionist who will answer your call and immediately connect you to your dedicated Client Support Representative. We are available to quickly resolve any challenges or concerns your business encounters!

Can Contempo integrate and share data with my benefits and 401(k) providers’ platforms?


Contempo integrates with Employee Navigator, Selerix, Principal and dozens of 401(k) platforms! Our system can share demographic data, deduction amounts, and more!

See how much you can save.

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