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Businesses in Bullhead City and across Arizona are facing a series of new business challenges post-pandemic. Not only do lingering financial and working capital issues need to be addressed, but the focus on marketing, sales, and new business development remains a priority. For some, there are also operational issues that must be addressed. Delays in production and delivery caused by supply chain disruptions and transportation issues create another level of complexity. Managing these responsibilities often leaves little time to address routine business functions such as payroll. While most make it work the process is often time-consuming and burdensome receiving attention only when necessary. This reality leaves business leaders looking for another solution to resolve the challenge -outsourced payroll services.

Bullhead City Outsourced Payroll Experience

ContempoHCM provides outsourced payroll and human resources management solutions to businesses in Bullhead City and across Arizona. Our team has been providing payroll services to entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, and organizations for several years. Our expertise enables us to quickly address your needs and identify the appropriate payroll solution. The result is an accurate, timely, and automated payroll process that reduces stress and worry.

Bullhead City Payroll Services

  • Payroll Management – Through our online portal clients can easily make routine changes and updates to scheduled payroll disbursements. There is also a payroll preview feature that alerts you about potential errors prior to payroll submission.
  • Automatic Tax Calculations – There is also an automatic tax calculation feature which makes it easy to determine the employer payroll tax liability by pay period, quarter, or annual basis. This is an especially helpful feature for those with employees in multiple state or tax jurisdictions.
  • Robust Reporting – Our platform provides access to several comprehensive reports including employee vacation, sick time, paid time off accrual, and new hire reports.

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State-wide Reach

We can deliver outsourced payroll services tailored to your organization throughout Arizona, including Bullhead City, Flagstaff, Lake Havasu City, Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona, Sierra Vista, Tucson, and Yuma.


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