Work with Contempo HCM and outsource the risks associated with keeping up with the changing payroll and workforce management environment. Here are some ways we can serve your business:

Payroll & payroll-related services

Payroll Processing

Contempo HCM provides full-featured payroll processing services in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona

Payroll Tax Processing

Prepare, sign, and automatically file all required payroll tax returns.


Eliminate the potential costs of non-compliance, including fines, penalties, and responsibility for making the payments on behalf of the employee.

Quickbooks General Ledger Interface

Eliminate hours of tedious and error-prone data entry each payday with easy, trouble-free general ledger updates.

Nonprofit Organizations

We can help you with the appropriate tax classifications to retain your tax-exempt status and focus on your mission.

Time & attendance services

Payroll Processing

Manage all your time-tracking with no hassle, in one place.

Human resource services

Integrated HRIS

A real-time integrated system for easily managing employee data.

Employee Documentation & e-Verify Service

Beyond simple I-9 verification, we provide full U.S. E-Verify services that can protect your business if you are audited by DHS.

Employee Case Management

Get help with disciplinary, pre-termination, and problem employee issues and avoid the associated pitfalls.

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