Employee Case Management

employee case management

Contempo HCM provides a proven employee case management system for businesses in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. We can help with your disciplinary, pre-termination, and problem employee issues. Let our experienced Human Resources professionals guide you through the myriad of employment pitfalls and regulations.

Have you ever needed help with a tough employment question or problem?

Contempo HCM is here to help with our HR Case Management and Consulting Services. We will assist with ongoing case management regarding FMLA, ADA, Discrimination and a host of other concerns.

Here are some of the employment risk areas that Contempo HCM can help you with.

  • FLSA – Fair Labor Standards Act
  • ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act
  • FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act
  • ADEA – Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Title VII – Discrimination Regulations
  • And more…

Employee Case Management Service Benefits

  • As a Contempo HR client, we can provide a certified HR professional to call with your important employment questions. You can feel confident having a qualified advocate when employee issues occur.
  • The next time an employee issue arises, you won’t have to call your CPA, your business lawyer, or worry about their expensive hourly fees. Contempo HR clients know exactly where to go to get important employee issues resolved.