Hr Assessment

Is your business growing and you need HR help?


Use the HR Assessment to identify your company’s strengths and potential risks. This will help you focus on changes your company can make to be compliant and reduce potential liability.

Are you concerned about:

  • ACA Compliance and Reporting
  • Compliance with Arizona Paid Sick Leave, COBRA, and Minimum Wage Laws
  • Employee Documentation
  • New FMLA Rules for COVID-19 Leave
  • Payroll
  • Record Keeping
  • Tax Law Changes
  • Unemployment Claims

Our comprehensive HR assessment can help ensure your business complies with federal and state laws and regulations. By applying an objective methodology, we will review your business policies and procedures to isolate potential issues and make recommendations.

Get Peace Of Mind

Contempo’s complimentary “HR Assessment” is designed to help you achieve “peace of mind” by:

  • Identifving potential risks in your current HR practices and procedures.
  • Strengthening the specific HR areas that can shield your business from regulatory risks.
  • Insulating your business from common HR oversights.
  • Bolstering your defense as an employer!

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