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Contempo HCM provides exceptional time and attendance solutions for businesses in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. If you’re using a third-party solution to manage your time and attendance, you need to see the difference we can make. Our solution means no more exporting, importing, or duplicate data entry. All of your time-tracking needs are managed in one place.

Transform the way you collect, manage, and process your employee time.

iSolved Time is a complete time & attendance system that can be used all on its own or as part of a complete human capital management solution, with human resources, payroll, and benefits enrollment. iSolved Time replaces tedious time-tracking procedures and completely eliminates manual collection of the information needed for payroll. 

iSolved Time

The iSolved technology is the nerve center of your time & attendance system. It connects various methods of time collection such as physical time clocks, the iSolved mobile app, or even self-service, providing maximum flexibility no matter where your employees are located or how they work. iSolved Time was born in the cloud, and engineered for the small-to-mid-sized employer. It offers simple, intelligent navigation, robust reporting and powerful configuration options.

One system to learn. One system to conquer it all.

Time & Attendance Service Benefits

  • Contempo offers a single platform for all employee scheduling, time & attendance, and company communications. Your employees will not need multiple login credentials nor learn and maintain multiple software platforms.
  • You will be leveraging modern, cloud-based technology to optimize your business performance.

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